Romantic, elegant wedding pictures.

My husband and I scoured the internet looking for a wedding photographer who would capture our special day in a romantic, sentimental way. It was challenging to find a "Cleveland" photographer with a vintage style and who would be willing travel to Mineral City, OH, to take our pictures. Luckily, we were referred to Mindy Sue by another wedding photographer, and as soon as we saw her pictures online, we knew that we had found the perfect photographer.

Beyond finding a photographer who takes romantic, elegant wedding pictures, it was important for us to establish good communication and a positive, working relationship, especially because we live in Atlanta, GA. Mindy Sue exceeded our hopes and expectations in that regard. We first "met" on the phone to discuss the logistics and other details about the wedding day. Mindy Sue also welcomed the idea of sharing our ideas on Pinterest so that she could see the types of wedding pictures were drawn to for inspiration. Despite the distance, I felt connected to Mindy Sue and confident that she would take awesome pictures rain or shine.

And it did rain on our wedding day. Although we were a little frazzled by the weather conditions, that did not deter Mindy Sue for one second. She reassured us that no matter what, she would be able to take beautiful pictures for us. We just needed to trust her. So we did. It was easy to trust Mindy Sue because she is so upbeat and enthusiastic. She is a natural at making brides and grooms feel comfortable - I think that's key in taking good photos. She's also witty and downright adorable. I felt like we were pals throughout the day. She was a wonderful addition and key player at our wedding. 

Our wedding pictures clearly demonstrate Mindy Sue's photography skills and style. Our pictures also reflect Mindy Sue's beautiful character. With her support and encouragement, we could show our love and affection for each other in a natural way. And we all had fun, too. I think that's why she was able to capture a full range of emotions throughout the day. Simply put, we felt at ease and could be ourselves around her. 

Mindy Sue is deserving of the Knot's recognition for outstanding photography. She is a valuable asset for the wedding industry. Mindy Sue has a clear vision and passion for taking romantic, elegant wedding pictures. Mindy Sue also has a strong, positive character. She is the "whole package" and deserves accolades for her work. I hope others will join me in celebrating Mindy Sue's talents and contributions. 

Thank you, Mindy Sue!

   ~Micheal and Michelle