From the moment I met Mindy, I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding. I had met with quite a few photographers before Mindy, but she was, by far, the most impressive. Mindy’s sweet nature and captivating personality had me at hello. She exhibits clear mastery over her work. Her photos are artistic, natural and timeless. I highly recommend Mindy to anyone in need of a photographer. 

Mindy is astute at taking the perfect photo. Her photos never look staged because she embraces moments and captures emotions. Mindy knows what is important to her clients. I never worried that should would miss a photo. She captured every single detail I hoped she would, and more!

Mindy is on task. She is vocal and assertive without being pushy and annoying. These traits allow her to seamlessly move through the day catching every important moment and detail.

I trusted Mindy from the very beginning. Because I had such confidence in her skill, I encouraged her to use her creative freedom to take photos and create an amazing wedding book. My wedding book is unlike anything I have ever seen – it is truly a masterpiece! Her artistic talent is very evident in her work.

When Mindy and I first met, she gave me a piece of advice that I have since shared with many other brides: choose a photographer with whom you are comfortable, you will be with him/her all day. In addition to being a remarkable photographer and artist, Mindy is a wonderful woman. It was a pleasure spending my wedding day with her. In fact, my husband and I relished in the opportunity to be alone and talk about the amazing day we had while Mindy photographed us. She captured a very special time between us after the ceremony and before the reception. 

Mindy did everything from fixing a stray hair to bustling my dress. She was a confidant, friend, helper, and beyond. I am so happy I chose to work with Mindy Sue and any bride who has the opportunity to work with her is blessed. I have only praise for Mindy and her work. 

Every reaction to my wedding photos is the same: “These look like they are from a wedding magazine!”