The perfect pictures

We worked with Mindy on our engagement and wedding photos. She made you feel so comfortable and got to know you so she could catch me and my groom in our element. There are so many pictures of us laughing and smiling at one another. But she also caught special and more intimate moments between us. All the images were exactly what I'd hoped for and even more. They were absolutely beautiful. She was one of the (if not THE) best choice we made in choosing vendors for our wedding - we will always have these wonderful memories captured through her pictures! I would highly highly suggest her for your wedding and engagement pics!


Mindy did such a fantastic job with our entire wedding. I hate having my picture taken and I definitely don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, but with Mindy everything felt much more natural. It didn't feel awkward or forced. Even my husband enjoyed our first look session!

I am a photographer myself which means that I am incredibly picky when it comes to choosing a photographer to take my photos. It takes a lot of trust from me to let another photographer capture those moments of my day, but I couldn't have chosen anyone better than Mindy. I am in LOVE!!

She took every photo that I requested and so many more. I got my pictures back incredibly quickly and I am in LOVE with every one of them. It was so much more than I was expecting too. She got all the little details, behind the scenes, and made sure there were pictures of all our guests. She was absolutely incredible throughout the whole day. So thankful that I got to have her as my wedding photographer.

The Perfect Experience


The Perfect Experience!    posted 10/2/2013 (updated 10/2/2013)

My wedding day was perfect! It was amazing, fun, and way too short! It was just 3 weeks ago so we are still obsessing over details and wishing we could do it all again and experience it over and over! But since that would be silly...we are ecstatic to have had an amazing photographer to have captured our day! So we can sit down and stare dreamily at ourselves and our favorite people and relive the perfect moments!

Planning an out of state wedding was really awful, (I highly recommend you get a wedding planner if you find yourselves in that position) We live in nyc and were married in youngstown, and because I was planning everything myself, I would fly in for a day and meet with eight thousand people, then fly back. This puts a ton of pressure on your decisions, because there are no follow-up meetings, there was no time for second thoughts. (So basically I was a nervous wreck leading up to meeting with vendors.) 

I met Mindy and there were no nerves! You sit with her for a second and instantly want to be her bff. Going with the whole theme of Love and marriage... When You Know You Know! I knew right away she would make us comfortable, we would enjoy having her with us on such an important day, and of course most importantly- We LOVE her style. 

Nathan and I wanted a mixture of candid, artsy, unique and beautiful photographs that we could hang on our walls and not look cheesy! Mindy's work articulates all that we were looking for. And again, she is so darn sweet! We had guest after guest comment on her ability to integrate into the party, observe, sometimes step in and direct us, and reign us in at times! It was magical and special and fun and perfect! 

It's difficult after all of the build-up, when it is back to reality, to not be able to scream thank you from the roof tops to all the people who played a role in such a special day. So this is me screaming, MINDY YOU ROCK! We could not have been more pleased with your work or the overall experience. 

P.S. My husband doesn't like anyone, and even he wants to be your bff :)

Romantic, elegant wedding pictures.

My husband and I scoured the internet looking for a wedding photographer who would capture our special day in a romantic, sentimental way. It was challenging to find a "Cleveland" photographer with a vintage style and who would be willing travel to Mineral City, OH, to take our pictures. Luckily, we were referred to Mindy Sue by another wedding photographer, and as soon as we saw her pictures online, we knew that we had found the perfect photographer.

Beyond finding a photographer who takes romantic, elegant wedding pictures, it was important for us to establish good communication and a positive, working relationship, especially because we live in Atlanta, GA. Mindy Sue exceeded our hopes and expectations in that regard. We first "met" on the phone to discuss the logistics and other details about the wedding day. Mindy Sue also welcomed the idea of sharing our ideas on Pinterest so that she could see the types of wedding pictures were drawn to for inspiration. Despite the distance, I felt connected to Mindy Sue and confident that she would take awesome pictures rain or shine.

And it did rain on our wedding day. Although we were a little frazzled by the weather conditions, that did not deter Mindy Sue for one second. She reassured us that no matter what, she would be able to take beautiful pictures for us. We just needed to trust her. So we did. It was easy to trust Mindy Sue because she is so upbeat and enthusiastic. She is a natural at making brides and grooms feel comfortable - I think that's key in taking good photos. She's also witty and downright adorable. I felt like we were pals throughout the day. She was a wonderful addition and key player at our wedding. 

Our wedding pictures clearly demonstrate Mindy Sue's photography skills and style. Our pictures also reflect Mindy Sue's beautiful character. With her support and encouragement, we could show our love and affection for each other in a natural way. And we all had fun, too. I think that's why she was able to capture a full range of emotions throughout the day. Simply put, we felt at ease and could be ourselves around her. 

Mindy Sue is deserving of the Knot's recognition for outstanding photography. She is a valuable asset for the wedding industry. Mindy Sue has a clear vision and passion for taking romantic, elegant wedding pictures. Mindy Sue also has a strong, positive character. She is the "whole package" and deserves accolades for her work. I hope others will join me in celebrating Mindy Sue's talents and contributions. 

Thank you, Mindy Sue!

   ~Micheal and Michelle 


From the moment I met Mindy, I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding. I had met with quite a few photographers before Mindy, but she was, by far, the most impressive. Mindy’s sweet nature and captivating personality had me at hello. She exhibits clear mastery over her work. Her photos are artistic, natural and timeless. I highly recommend Mindy to anyone in need of a photographer. 

Mindy is astute at taking the perfect photo. Her photos never look staged because she embraces moments and captures emotions. Mindy knows what is important to her clients. I never worried that should would miss a photo. She captured every single detail I hoped she would, and more!

Mindy is on task. She is vocal and assertive without being pushy and annoying. These traits allow her to seamlessly move through the day catching every important moment and detail.

I trusted Mindy from the very beginning. Because I had such confidence in her skill, I encouraged her to use her creative freedom to take photos and create an amazing wedding book. My wedding book is unlike anything I have ever seen – it is truly a masterpiece! Her artistic talent is very evident in her work.

When Mindy and I first met, she gave me a piece of advice that I have since shared with many other brides: choose a photographer with whom you are comfortable, you will be with him/her all day. In addition to being a remarkable photographer and artist, Mindy is a wonderful woman. It was a pleasure spending my wedding day with her. In fact, my husband and I relished in the opportunity to be alone and talk about the amazing day we had while Mindy photographed us. She captured a very special time between us after the ceremony and before the reception. 

Mindy did everything from fixing a stray hair to bustling my dress. She was a confidant, friend, helper, and beyond. I am so happy I chose to work with Mindy Sue and any bride who has the opportunity to work with her is blessed. I have only praise for Mindy and her work. 

Every reaction to my wedding photos is the same: “These look like they are from a wedding magazine!”

So much more than just a photographer!!!!

Upon meeting Mindy for the first time, I knew that she was the perfect person to capture all the amazing moments of my wedding day. In addition to being an extremely talented photographer, Mindy is charming, professional, and turned out to be one of the biggest reasons why my wedding day went as smoothly as it did. 

Before the day of the wedding she made sure to have all her bases covered; she asked everything from what colors inspired our reception to what kind of family dynamics to expect! Mindy made me feel assured that even in the days leaded up to the big day she was already thinking about how to best photograph our wedding.

On the day of the wedding, as expected, Mindy was absolute perfection. She showed up right on time and immediately began snapping pictures of my bridesmaids and I as we got ready. I cannot believe how well this woman knows her lighting! Almost every picture she took, even those during the reception where it was pretty dark, showcased the people in it beautifully, without the use of any lights, reflectors, etc. And when I say she is so much more than just a wedding photographer I mean it- she instinctively knew when I needed water or a snack and took charge to organize our families and bridal party for pictures. 

In the end, the pictures we received were everything I dreamed about and more (and she gets them to you REALLY fast!!) I would highly recommend to any bride considering it to do a First Look with Mindy, it was one of the most magical moments of my entire wedding day! I can't say enough good things about her, and have already recommended her to all my friends who are getting married in the Cleveland area! 

                                                              ~Mae and Sean