Some PhOTOGRApHY wedding tidbits 

I hope that your Holiday season was wonderful!  Your wedding is just a few short months away, and I hope all of your wedding plans are going smoothly!  I can only imagine what a fun, crazy time this is for you both.  I just wanted to go over a few things before the wedding whirl has you completely engulfed, if it hasn't already.

* Please provide me with your timeline as soon as possible; it’s easier to change things now as opposed to a week before the wedding, in the event that things need to be adjusted,

* If you are wanting to reserve an inside location on the day of your wedding for pictures, many of them need advanced reservations and require a deposit; please let me know if you need some suggestions for indoor locations,

* Please don’t forget that your payment is due a month before your wedding date; you can send it via PayPal, check or credit card,

* Having your images digitally is fantastic, however, you will probably only look at them once or twice.  Having a beautiful album on your coffee table will make wedding memories accessible every time someone picks up your book.  I do offer two pretty amazing wedding albums; the links are below.  Please check them out, and let me know if you are interested,

*  Engagement sessions are wonderful for so many reasons.  

  1.    Most importantly it gives us an opportunity to work together to know how each other functions.  You will leave the session (hopefully), saying, "That was fun; I enjoyed working with her."  Feeling confident that I am going to help your wedding day go efficiently, that things will be fun, and knowing that I can make you feel less awkward and uncomfortable.  We don’t want you to have to worry about that on the wedding day.  
  2.    It takes some time in front of the camera to get used to it.  I get that.  We get that out of the way at the engagement session instead of wasting time on your wedding day trying to get used to the whole thing.
  3.    You get time to be intimate together and capture some magical memories - something to look back on and feel nostalgia about. 
  4.    On the wedding day, we aren’t meeting for the first time.  We are friends instead of acquaintances and that also makes the day go so much more smoothly.   If you are interested in an engagement session, the sooner you get your date booked the more likely it will be that you secure the date you want.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to call from 9am-4pm or 9pm-10pm. If you call during dinner time my children will probably want to talk to you and might ask seriously embarrassing questions!  Feel free to text anytime.  I hope you know that photographing moments in a memorable, honest, artistic way is my passion and I take what I do very seriously.  I understand that the way I capture this day is the way you will remember it FOREVER.  I will work so hard on your wedding day that my feet will want to fall off and my mind won’t function properly for a few days after.  I am excited to work with you both and give you everything I've got!! Please let me know if there is anything you need between now and then, and I will do my best to accommodate you!!!  My wedding album links are below!  ~ Mindy Sue 

Wedding Album

Story Album

Memory Box