These are my people

As time passes I find myself thinking fondly of things in the past.  Things that I wish would have felt more important then instead of now.  Things like nursing, bedtime, hard dinner times, diaper changing.... the list goes on.  I think about them now and I am sad that I wished them away.  Dreaming for the time when they would be able to do these things for themselves.  Now they are growing and my youngest is three and I want all that time back! More cuddling nap times, more tea parties, more box cars.  I remember telling my children that my name is no longer Mother and to stop calling me it.   Four little ones all hollering your name at one time can be a little overwhelming. But now, now. No actually that still happens.  But I do want it all to  s l o w  down. Except for laundry that can disappear all together.  So, here's to walks to the park, catching fireflies, drive-in movies and emergency ice-cream stops.  Oh and that handsome man at the bottom..... the only thing I wish away about him is his expensive hobby of shopping at Hienen's grocery store.