Wedding Albums!!!

 Oh my am I in love with this baby!!  I love the large statement picture on the front, the thick pages and sharpness of the images. Let me not forget to mention the velvet satchel it comes in before it is placed so exquisitely into its comfy black box.  The colors are so dreamy and perfect.  I wish I could have one of these of my wedding day!!   Having your image archived on a disc or USB is great.  But having them in a book on your coffee table that people can actually look at and admire.  Priceless really.   Not just rambling people.  Stating facts.  

Wedding Story Album

Oh my goodness ladies and gentleman.  I am so excited to introduce this to you today!!  These are crazy beautiful and unlike anything I have yet to see.  I call these my Story albums because that is exactly what they are. Unlike my other fabulous album that contains only ten page, this book has 100.  I am always torn with trying to figure out how to tell the clients wedding story in ten pages and now I have the world before me.  I am able to create something that has words, that actually tells the bride and grooms story.  With dates, names, locations and other bits of info provided from my bride and groom I am actually able to create an actual book for my clients.  Let us not forget the amazing wood boxes they come in!!! Something else ehhhh. Ehhhh.  I can't contain my joy people, these books are amazing!!

Memory Image Box!!!

OOOOH boy do I have a treat for you!!!!! Below you will find some lovely images of a new product I will be offering.  It is a memory box.  Inside you will find 100 printed images from your wedding, your USB containing all your edited images and three beakers for storing cologne, sand, dried flowers or beads from your wedding dress.  There is extra room if you desire to store your garter, cuffs or your wedding invitation too!!  Talk about a stunning place to store your memories from your wedding day! I ordered one for myself and I was married forever ago.  This would also serve as a lovely anniversary, bridal or holiday gift. Wouldn't you look thoughtful.