Stephanie and caleb's wedding at the cleveland zoo

This was my first wedding at the Cleveland Zoo and it was amazing.  The carousel was so much fun!!! It is always a treat to see two people adoring each other.  Holding hands, sneaking smiles when they think no one else is watching.  The way they watch each other so intensely.  Caleb and Stephanie were so optimistic about the rain I think they willed it to pause for a moment so we could capture some outside amazingness.  These two met on the swim team in college at Case Western where he promptly swept her off her feet.  She is now a very important person in this world, a labor and delivery nurse!  I don't normally talk about my clients careers but I am so just so thankful to the women that helped me at such a vulnerable time in my life, birthing four babies and all.  

Below you will find a few images from their wedding day that touched my heart.  So grateful I could be apart of this amazing day.  Good luck on this new journey in your life together!