Meadow Ridge ~ Daniel and Kayla

Kayla and Daniel's wedding made me so happy!! I had not met these two previous to the wedding day so I was not quiet sure what to expect, I was a little anxious.  However, upon meeting them and watching them interact with each other for just a few moments I knew it was going to be an amazing day.  Right after the first look Kayla gave Daniel a journal that she had been writing in ever since she was a young girl with the intentions of giving it to her future husband on her wedding day.  What a romantic idea right?  Talk about an amazing gift. As the day progressed nothing but generosity and kindness came from this couple.  They were so grateful for all those who came to celebrate in their big day, gratitude just flowed from them.  Not to mention the amazing scenery that Meadow Ridge in Windsor had to offer.  It was such an amazing location. I am feeling pretty honored to have been chosen to be apart of Daniel and Kayla's wedding.