Engagement session at Lake Erie

So they started off a little nervous.  All three of us actually.  I think that is normal when you are asking two people to be so vulnerable in front of a stranger with a camera.  But GOLLY, by the end of the night we were on a roll, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of these two.  Only the darkness could stop us!  There were lots of silly, giggly moments and lots of sweet "I love you; I can't believe I have found my soulmate moments."  

I can't say enough of the importance of engagement sessions. They not only help us get to know each other so we aren't strangers on the wedding day, but the session also allows us to get the awkwardness out of the way! By the day the wedding finally arrives, I will know how you dance, and you will know how I move as well. I will know what makes you smile and what makes you melt into each other.  So so worth the time peoples.