The Cleveland Art Museum// Carolyn and Pat

Sometimes it does happen, not very often but sometimes!!  I enter the bridal sweet where the bride is anxiously finishing up with the final details, slipping on her shoes applying a little makeup and then I sneak off to the groom's room and I see him tying his shoes and sliding his jacket on.  And then it is just the three of us sneaking off to capture the first look and that is when I feel it.  They hug and they kiss and they cry and then laugh.  And that is when I feel their love.  And I have the honor of getting to be apart of it.  Thank you Carolyn and Pat for bringing me into your life for just a moment.  So I could document not only your love but also the love of your family and friends. It was a pretty memorable day.  The chapel, the historical courthouse downtown and the stunning Cleveland Art Museum.  Your wedding was stunning and I am so honored you picked me to be apart if it.