Brittany + Nevada // The Lake Club

Brittany and Nevada, ya know you don't get to have it all.  You don't to be beautiful AND kind.  That sweet-fullness can't be authentic right?  Well guess what people.  They are that.  They are as kind as they are beautiful!  Our conversations up to the wedding day went like this, "Mindy, what do you need?  How can we help you?  What do you want to eat?  Where do you want to eat?  Do you like snacks?"  The list of genuine concern for me went throughout the whole process.  Even as I left on the wedding night there were hugs and kind words of gratitude.  

Below is the sneak peak of their wedding pictures from the big day.  I hope that they are still as grateful for me now that they get to actually see their pictures!!  The Lake Club in Youngstown was beautiful and Brittany did such an amazing job making it her own.  I hope you find some pictures that make your heart swoon!!!!!!!  EEEEEEK I am so excited for you to see them!!!!!!