Life right now is crazy!  And the busy is good right?!  I have so much love and laughter and light and giggles to share with you in the weeks to come.  In the mean time I want to share with you a few favorite things I have discovered this year.  

  • Yeti mugs!  Have you heard about these?  Put ice in the morning and it will still be there in the evening.  It is magic.  Seriously, cold water all day.  Same goes for hot drinks, ALL DAY! 
  • The Revenant. So we don't go to the theater very often, let alone going twice to see the same movie. But we did and it was just as amazing the second time.  The acting, the music, the cinematography.  However my mother hated it, so there you go.  
  • The Cleveland Flea  is a wonderful place for music, food, socializing and purchasing art.  You should put it on your calendar, you should go! I love that the venders are hand selected so you aren't searching through a bunch of redundant soap venders.  The booths are beautifully styled and the art is one of a kind.  The christmas one is coming up and its wonderful!!! GO! 
  • The 100 Year Old Man that Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared. I LOVE satire and this book is full of it.  If you want to smile and laugh and have a jolly good time this, or any books by this author is the way to go!!!  
  • Edgewater Live- these lovely parties are wonderful!!!!! I am often looking for fun things to do with my family and this is perfect.  Music, food trucks, water, volleyball, water, friends and it's free. Most importably it is family friendly. There are hundreds of people there so it's easy for the kids to make friends.  They do it almost every Thursday in the summer.  GO! 
  • Picture credit:  The most amazing Jenny Gildea Photography 

How do we become ourselves?

Summer has finally arrived.  I am so happy!! These images were taken last week when the weather was a bit colder but we needed to feel the earth between our toes.  We needed to smell the life in the water.  I look at these little children and I am trying so hard to raise kids that are themselves.  I want them to be who they want to be and not who they think I want them to be.  At the same time I want to teach them empathy, generosity, happiness and kindness.

 I want them to be good at one thing.  I think everyone should have a thing.  You know, something they are known for.  I want to teach my children that God loves them and knows them.  That when life gets really hard He is there.  But I don't want that belief to cause shame or heartache.  

Sometimes I see great families and I think, how do you make a person great?  You know? Sometimes I will even go up and ask them!!!!  How do you help someone become their best self?  How do we make OURSELVES our best self? Seriously, how?  I would LOVE to hear your advice!