Mae and Ryan// Brookside Farm

In a perfect world, I would love the one who treated me the way I deserved.

But here I am loving you and there you are being irresistible.

Emily Brynes

I did not get to meet these two lovely people before the wedding day which always makes me a little nervous.  I have questions like, what's their love language, how do they connect, what's my roll beyond photographer here?  I always try to connect before the wedding but that isn't always an option.

But no worries people.  It all went splendidly. On meeting Mae she gave a hug and greeted me like a friend.  Ryan I found clowning around nervously with his buddies. These two are a beautiful dream together.  We took pictures all around the amazing property of Oakside Farms, we lit sparklers, we ate cake and danced FOREVER! Ryan had goo goo eyes THE WHOLE DAY!  Totally my kind of people.  Below you will find the review they left for me via The Knot.   Be still my heart!  Seriously!  


First things first: I hired Mindy for our wedding ceremony in September because I fell in love with her photos after viewing her portfolio (if you haven't taken a look yet, I highly urge you do so). Mindy's photos look so natural and gorgeous, and when you look at her photographs of couples you can tell that they feel comfortable and with her, there's no awkwardness. 
I am so glad we went with Mindy, and I really don't think I can adequately describe how pivotal her presence was for our wedding and how much we enjoyed having her as our photographer. The day of the wedding, Mindy went above and beyond her call of duty. I had a rustic barn wedding, and I didn't have a wedding planner or day of coordinator. Mindy was able to keep us on track the entire day and made sure that we got the shots that we wanted. Although we were running behind in the morning, Mindy was able to get a first look photo shoot for us, something I am forever grateful for especially after getting the photos back, squeezed in our sunset photos, and she also somehow managed to wrangle our large, rowdy wedding party together for group photos while still being professional. At the end of the night, she even helped us clean up (Which just goes to show what a wonderful person she is)! I highly recommend booking Mindy if you want a stress free wedding, someone to anchor you during the chaos of the day, and if you need some backup to keep things going; you won't regret it! 
Addendum: After receiving the photos, I've got to say that they're just gorgeous; the coloring, the moments that she captured, and the way she captured them are just beautiful.  ~ Mae and Ryan