When Tulie was born she was awesome!!! Then she got bigger.  And harder.  And supper hard.  And I didn't like her very much.  And I don't think she liked me very much.  Tulie was a screamer and a crier and so crazy stubborn.  Her communication skills were a little lacking for her age and that did not help the situation.  Tulie was a sneaky sneaky monster.  She got into everything, paint, toothpaste, powder, cream cheese, poop, everything.  But now, wow, now.  She is just the shit!! She is silly and kind and forgiving and shy and outgoing all at once.  CHEEKY is a word known to describe her.  And  I adore her.  Things still come more slowly for her.  She does't learn as quickly as the other children her age and her social skills are a little quirky ~ those things are all jellybeans.  This girl is magic.  And I am so grateful God sent this little munchkin to our family.  To teach us patience, but also how to be silly, how to enjoy the simple and how to love.