I am sure I am not the only Mother that tries to create memories for their kids.  Thankfully their Dad is also on board with creating experiences the kids can look back on.  Things like drive-in movies, story time together, walks in the park, treasure hunts, feeding birds from their hands, sleepovers, family games, making cookies, cuddles at night, family talks by the fire, love notes in their lunch boxes, swimming at the lake or riding bikes together. The funny thing about these memories we are attempting to create is that the kids seem to remember the weirdest things and not what we intended at all!!  Hopefully out attempts are recognized in their hearts! 


Family session round two!!!!

So I spent a few days with this lovely family and this is round two from their family session.  If you want to come see round one of their session go here.  Or if you wanna see their maternity session go here.  Or if you wanna see their wedding go here.  Or if you wanna see their engagement session go here.  Holy cow that's a lot of sessions.  And boy does that make me so happy.  Yeah to new friends. 

Emily and Dan // Geneva On The Lake

This day was amazing! The sky was blue the air was warm. Geneva On The Lake sparkled.  And shall we talk about the bride and groom.  Emily and Dan couldn't keep their hands off of each other!  They were amazingly adorable,  I didn't even have to give them any direction.  One of their love languages is definitely physical affection, my camera likes that.  To my new friends, thank you for inviting me to this special day.  I hope you love what you see!! Oh and Oak and Honey Events came and took care of everything!  How wonderful it is to have professional people there to keep everything going smoothly while sneakily taking care of all the crap behind the scenes! Shout out to amazing wedding planners!  I love what I do!