Kelly and Kevin// 78th Street Studio

I promise, I promise, I promise.

Talk about a chill couple.  The day of their wedding I was't a hundred percent sureI had a wedding that day.  No bride had called me,  no rushed emails, no changes in timeline.  It had been weeks since I last heard from her.  Totally chill.  I arrived and still total chill.  The wedding, the ceremony,  the reception, total chill.  It was so wonderful to just hang out and laugh and capture the day as it unfolded. 78th street studio is an amazing venue!  They are open to the public a couple nights each month.  Go check out the amazing art studios and galleries. I hope you find some beauty in the pictures below! 

Quinn// Cleveland senior pictures

This boy is darling.  Those freckles.  He is gunna get all the girls with those freckles alone.   I love seeing my clients, senior boys especially, come out of their shells as the day unwinds.  At first they are all boyish and awkward and by the end of the session they are all GQ and confident.  Oh to be young again.