Kate + Pete // Chagrin Valley Country Club

Kate and Pete GOT MARRIED!!!!  Chagrin Valley Country Club  was the perfect location for their ceremony and reception.  Kate was a little anxious when I arrived.  Her perfect champaign dress, the flowing flowers and the dashing groom were all in place. There is something so special about being surrounded by happy people.  Even when the wedding dress got ripped by the golf carte they were just kissing and happy folks.  I am not sure how it happens but I am pretty sure I have the most awesome clients ever!  

Below love birds, is a little sneak peak of your pictures.  I hope you find some you love!!!!  

Brittany + Nevada // The Lake Club

Brittany and Nevada, ya know you don't get to have it all.  You don't to be beautiful AND kind.  That sweet-fullness can't be authentic right?  Well guess what people.  They are that.  They are as kind as they are beautiful!  Our conversations up to the wedding day went like this, "Mindy, what do you need?  How can we help you?  What do you want to eat?  Where do you want to eat?  Do you like snacks?"  The list of genuine concern for me went throughout the whole process.  Even as I left on the wedding night there were hugs and kind words of gratitude.  

Below is the sneak peak of their wedding pictures from the big day.  I hope that they are still as grateful for me now that they get to actually see their pictures!!  The Lake Club in Youngstown was beautiful and Brittany did such an amazing job making it her own.  I hope you find some pictures that make your heart swoon!!!!!!!  EEEEEEK I am so excited for you to see them!!!!!!

Headshots for Mr. Logan's website

It's OFFICIAL!!!  We are packing up our Ohio lives and moving to BOISE!!! 

This has been a hard decision, to close our lives here in The Ohio.  Leaving my business of eight years and starting all over again on the other side of the country is terrifying.  AND EXCITING.  Mr. Logan is bravely starting his counseling business Boise, Idaho and I am crazy proud of him. Come check out his awesome website Center for Counseling and Growth,   Below are a few images I took for his website.  I love how they turned out.  They totally portray who he is.  I am so proud of this darling amazing courageous man.  

This also means that I will be taking the exodus with him to Boise, ID. We will be moving in the middle of June and I am exciting and terrified.  But look out BOISE here I come.  A new photographers in town.  Wish me luck!  If you are interested in booking a session with me before I go lets make it happen!  I only have a few, and by a few I mean two or three dates left to book.  So let me know ASAP.