Boise Foothills Family Session!

I knew the moment I saw the foothills with it’s amazing colors and blue sky that I was going to love taking pictures in them! This darling little family was so adventurous! We had to hike a little, bit but it was so worth it! The light; the colors. There was tickling, laughter, teenage disagreements, and a little ice cream bribery. I love taking family pictures. I love capturing real moments. But one thing that I didn't know I would love - watching the family dynamics. Seeing the love between parent and child. Brother and sister. The tenderness of an older child to the infant. The attentiveness of a doting father to an infant’s injured toe. The sneaky kisses between mom and dad. Watching the love of this family inspired me to be more soft, more playful and more patient.

Shannon and Nick // Gervasi Vineyard

This darling couple…. she was so nervous. As always, the bride was anxious and the groom with his buddies are next door drinking beers and watching the game. They walked down the isle and that is all she wrote. They were laughing and kissing and dancing the rest of the night. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Two beautifully kind people committing to love each other forever and ever. They had me in tears during their vows, so personal, sincere and perfect. I hope you can feel their love as you scroll through their darling pictures!

Elizabeth and Nate // Sapphire Creek

HELLO WORLD!!!! Shall we talk about the dress? The house? The darling groom, the stunning bride? Sapphire Creek was so lucky to have them house their wedding there and Sapphire Creek charmed the socks off them. Well charmed my socks off anyway. This venue, these good kind people. It was a beautifully spirited wedding and I loved every moment of it. Being a photographer is so much more then just taking pictures. It’s helping organize the day, it’s keeping the whole timeline on track. It’s calming the bride and loosening up the groom. It is making the dreaded family pictures go so crazy fast so they can get to the fun stuff. It’s noticing the small things. It’s being anything and everything and nothing all at once. I feel pretty lucky they let me be apart of this amazingly lovely day! Cheers you two!